Project Risk and Change Management writing homework help

Your next important processes to embark upon are performing a risk assessment and developing a change management process to support successful delivery of your final project.

The following are the Week 4 deliverables:

  • Risk Assessment
    • Determine a list of 8 risks deemed most likely to occur in your project.
    • Assess what the likelihood and impact is of each of the risks occurring.
    • Develop an appropriate response or mitigation strategy for each of the risks.
  • Change Management Process
    • Determine and describe your project’s change management process when change requests are submitted.
    • Depict the change management process diagrammatically.
    • Include a sample change request form template.
    • Identify who has approval authority for change requests.
  • Project Status Updates
    • Update tracking information
    • Update any challenges, risks, and change requests that occurred so far in the project.
      • Describe how they have been handled.

3–5 pages of new content

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