Proposition 64 – makes recreational marijuana legal in California, assignment help

If you don’t have PowerPoint you can use Word.

Proposition 64 makes recreational marijuana legal in California for adults 21 and over.

2016 California Ballot Measure Assignment


  • you will conduct research bout one of the seventeen 2016 California ballot measures that could become a law. Based on your research you and your team will create a PowerPoint, Google Slide or Prezi slide presentation about the measure.
  • to research and then create five to seven informative slides that summarizes, explains and evaluates your assigned proposition. Each slide should have specific title, include short bullet points (no more than five per slide) and has large font and colors that can be easily read. Your team presentation should last between five to seven minutes.
  • Your slides should serve as an outline of the important ideas you will explain and elaborate on during your presentation. You are to define the important terms associated with the proposition.
  • Be sure to include a final work cited slide of your sources for your facts, data, evidence, quotes, etc. (The work cited slide does not count towards your five to seven slides.)


Your slides should include the following information about your proposition provided (numbers 1-4 below).

  1. Summarize the ballot measure’s purpose in detail and (what is it trying to accomplish?) in your own words. (1 slide)

(5 points)

  1. Summarize the arguments of both sides of the proposition. (2 slides)

(5 points)

  1. Research and provide background information by answering questions about the proposition, such as, but not limited to:
  • What if any influential groups or individuals are supporting and not supporting the proposition?
  • What are the potential costs to California or to citizens/taxpayers?
  • Is the proposition an extension of an existing law?
  • Does it repeal or change a previous law?(2 slides)

(10 points)

  1. In your own words, use facts, data, evidence, quotes, etc. and clear reasoning to explain whether or not you support the proposition. (2 slides)


You are strongly encouraged to research the editorial/opinion articles of reputable news sources. You are to use a minimum of two of the following sources:

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