Questions on Crime Victims by Andrew Karmen

These short answer questions are intended to measure your understanding of the material.These questions can be answered in no less than 175 words. The book is isbn13: 978-1-133-04972-2 Crime Victims by andrew Karmen

Remember APA formatting

  • Cover page
  • Double spacing
  • In-text citations
  • Reference page
  • Running head
  • Write your answers in paragraph form (5-7 sentences) and keep bulleted points to a minimum.
  • Use quotations carefully and sparingly. I want to read what you know and your analysis.
  • Imagine you are asking a colleague to read your answer, would they understand what you are saying?  Write your answer for someone who does not know the issues.
  1. Advocates of restitution claim it is beneficial on a number of fronts. Outline and discuss restitution as a means of rehabilitating offenders, as a means of reconciling offenders to their victims, and as a means of punishing offenders.

  2. During the past several decades, victims have been awarded rights that some feel have been gained at the expense of offenders. Explain what this sentence means and provide at least three concrete examples to support this statement.

  3. Discuss the concept of Restorative Justice. Include discussion on its purpose and goals as well as records of success or failure.

  4. What is informal justice and how does the future hold for its growing interest in criminal justice?

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