Questions on Organizational Development

Learning Activity #1


Select three articles or sections in the chapters from the readings this week which focuses on the theme for this week. 

Provide a brief summary highlighting the key points which you found useful concerning organizational development. 

Learning Activity #2


Because employees and the organization must be prepared for purposeful, planned change.

Please answer the folllowing questions:

1. Discuss key factors in the change readiness process, such as leadership buy-in, involvement and capability to champion, trust, management perceptions, importance of motivation, advantage of “flat” structure, and how to foster change-readiness. Provide an example on these phenomenon play out in the workplace. 

2. What planning and preparation, and  systematic processes exist? What is the seven-step processes identifying and explaining leadership’s, management’s, and human resource’s role in the process?

Learning Activity #3


Search the online library and world wide web, Investigating individual level issues related to practical applications stages of reaction to change, dealing with strong emotions, using relevant work stress coping mechanisms, determining the need for employee empowerment, communication dynamics, feedback, career development. What roles does process employee empowerment and interpersonal interventions possess in these individual level issues?


  • Chapter 3:  OCC Dimension 1:  Trustworthy Leadership
  • Chapter 4:  OCC Dimension 2:  Trusting Followers
  • Chapter 5:  OCC Dimension 3:  Capable Champions
  • Chapter 6:  OCC Dimension 4:  Involved Management,d.ZWU

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