Discussion question 75-150 words


When a guest stays at a hotel, they are, at-the-minimum,
promised a clean, safe and comfortable accommodation. In addition, depending on
the type of hotel, they may also have the opportunity to relax by the pool,
workout in the fitness center, or get some work done at the business center.
They may also choose to place a room service order for breakfast or visit the
restaurant located within the facility. When a patient is admitted to a
hospital for a surgical procedure, then they too need a clean, safe and comfortable
accommodation – in addition to appropriate clinical and medical care,
of-course. In fact, depending on the nature of the hospital visit, the patient
needs include many of the same aspects of a hotel stay such as food &
beverage, service, and so on.

So to enhance their effectiveness, should the healthcare facilities focus on what they do best
(i.e. clinical and medical care) and partner with hospitality firms to offer
the services which are their core competence? Does the above idea seem far-fetched?

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