Rational Choice Discussion Questions

Select the decision you would make if you were in the situation and answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you make the choices you did in each scenario?
  2. What principles or basic values did you use in each case?
  3. What additional information might you need to be certain about your choices?
  4. What circumstances might cause you to change your decision? Could each case have contingencies that might cause you to re-evaluate your choices?
  1. A young manager in a high-technology firm was offered a position by the firm’s chief competitor. The offer was for almost twice the researcher’s current salary. Her firm wanted to prevent her from changing positions because her knowledge of certain specialized processes came from the firm’s special training programs and unique experiences the firm offered her. Taking this specialized and unique knowledge to the competitor would result in them having an unfair advantage. The firm argued that taking the position and her knowledge to the competitor would be unethical. What should the young manager do?

Accept the offer ___________ Reject the offer ___________

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