Read the assigned reading you google it and answer 3 sections below

This forum has 3 sections. Please respond to all three sections; failure to respond to any one section will result in a lower grade for the discussion.

  1. The assigned readings this week is “paint a vivid picture what it means to be a member of Gertrude Stein’s “Lost Generation.” Describe what it means to be a member of the “lost generation,” using some of the themes and characters from the readings this week. You can also focus on the idea of “alienation” as well.
  2. As explained in the lesson this week, many literary works during this time period broke with traditional styles. How do the readings this week illustrate this sort of break from tradition?
  3. If you were tasked to edit one of the works this week, which work would you choose? What would you want to change about this work? You may edit whatever you like: the tone, the length, the ending, or the characterization. The choice is yours.

***Please divide your response into paragraphs for easier reading. Please note that each section should constitute about a third of your response. Repeating the questions is not necessary. Note that I will be checking to see if you actually completed the readings and used critical thinking within your discussion.

NOTE*** section 2 and 3 is about the assigned reading not from the lessons that i learned this week……….. answer section 2 and 3 from the assigned reading reading. Thanks

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