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I need help regarding evaluation and analysis in a paper that incorporates relevant theories and principles applicable to the proposed collaboration between Fuerza y Unidad and Salvar a la Gente, at Riverbend City. I purchased another tutor’s notes and the word document given had nothing to do with my question even though his page showed the full assignment information surrounding my question.  See below:

The Riverbend City organization Fuerza y Unidad has established its mission to serve citizens struggling with the aftereffects of a toxic spill, as well as the inability of the city to effectively respond to the needs of the Latino population. Some of the Latino population have relatives living in Canexico, which is just across the international border. The toxic spill from Riverbend City is also adversely affecting the ground water, soil, and air in Canexico.

Fuerza y Unidad wants to help the people of Canexico, and must decide how it can work with an organization, Salvar a la Gente, that is already based there. The two organizations were established differently, so collaboration across an international border, combined with the initial differences, may require the formation of an NGO.

Drawing on your readings, discussions, and Riverbend City missions, describe, critique, and evaluate the efforts of Fuerza y Unidad and Salvar a la Gente, to formally collaborate, keeping in mind these factors:

  • Cultural.
  • Linguistic.
  • Jurisdictional.
  • Economic.
  • International.

Present your evaluation and analysis in a 2,000-word paper that incorporates relevant theories and principles applicable to the proposed collaboration between Fuerza y Unidad and Salvar a la Gente. Consider potential positive and negative consequences of applying organizational policy and managerial decisions, as well as the opportunities that may exist between the organizations (and other organizations that may be linked to Fuerza y Unidad) with an explanation as to how the Latino organizations may or may not benefit. In addition, consider the range of potential relationships and partnerships (formal and informal) that might benefit the chosen organization. Offer recommendations to Fuerza y Unidad for alternative strategies and approaches or support the Fuerza y Unidad approach. Provide substantive support for your recommendations. Using APA standards, include citations and references to support your critique and analysis.

Assignment Requirements

  • Cover page.
  • Abstract.
  • Introduction.
  • Discussion, evaluation, and analysis of the collaboration between Fuerza y Unidad, Salvar a la Gente, and any other organizations linked to Fuerza y Unidad.
  • Relevance of cultural and contextual influences.
  • Evaluation of decision models in terms of cultural and organizational relevance.
  • Critique of leadership and ethical practices given cultural and contextual influences.
  • Evaluation of strategies for nonprofits in the global context.
  • Evaluation of the economic environment and effects of organizations and the local economy.
  • Conclusions: a critique of the collaboration.
  • Recommendations.
  • References.

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