Review Paper

General Instructions for Review Paper it should be 20 paged long and the forth section (discussion) is where most Information be at.I. Title Page – focused research topic reflecting the peer-reviewed 5 recently published research articles which are uploaded .II Introduction/Background – brief overview of the research field to include highly selective , recently published research publications other than those chosen for writing your review paper. You may also include a previously published review article in this section only . Note: The number of citations included in the introduction section is not a merit criteria for the review paper. For a meaningful introduction, please cite peer-review article(s) and/or one review article that you have carefully read and understood well to introduce your topic.III. Significance- in your own language provide brief description of the rationale and importance of the research area(s) described in the articles chosen for review- you may find this information in a key citation(s) referenced within the introduction/discussion sections of the articles you have selected for writing your review.IV. Discussion – in your own language present unified and integrated description (using titles and subtitles) of important data and research advances reported in the 5 articles . Appropriately cite all 5 articles in the body of the text here. Important Note: Do not copy paste data (figures, tables etc) reported in these articles. You may choose to modify a key figure/table to include information from other article(s) and then present the modified figure/table to illustrate the outcome of your review. In this case, you must provide the source (s) (original citations) of the modified figure/table. You may also create a flow chart, figure/table to depict your own assessment of the advances reported in these articles.V. Summary/Conclusions- in your own language write a summary of the main points of your review.VI. Future DirectionsVII. References – provide complete citations (title, year, all authors, journal name, vol #, first and last page numbers) of all articles referenced in the review paper; indicate in BOLD the five to seven peer-reviewed full length articles you have used for writing the Discussion section of your review paper.

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