Rider University Autozone Price Performance & Repurchase Discussion

  • Consider the following questions, and develop a complete discussion on the topic, using the Case : AutoZone as an example
  • Part 1 (questions to address below. In paragraph style, write your paper so that anyone would be able to pick up the paper and understand your topic and position)
    • How does a stock repurchase work? (use case data where possible) Why would a company seek this strategy? (Why do you think AutoZone chose this option?)
    • Is the price performance directly related to the repurchase? (Support)
    • Is there a better used of the cash flows being ignored? Explain
    • Long Term what are your projections?
    • Part 2
    • Research and locate an article, or financial news report describing (2017-2019) a major company’s use of this repurchase strategy.
    • Does the article support your thoughts and findings in the case?
    • How is the firm performing after the repurchase check the share values for the period of time to gain knowledge of their performance, or provide EPS, ROIC comparison information.
    • Can you state clearly that real value is a function of this process?
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