RWS305W SDSU Mod 3 Life Changing World Vision International Picture Project

a writing prompt for a profile: part photo essay, part internet curation, part storytelling, this project requires you to follow your curiousity and introduce us to a unique topic as seen thru eyes of u-the writer

STEP 1-Using the four focus area questions in the attached file, write this journal as a kind of pre-drafting exploration of your proposed Wakelet Profile

uploaded file below-(profile topic proposal) due wednesday 6/19/19


profile links and samples:…

& the upload below(rws example mod 3)

-wavelet info:…


Three-Step Submission Guidelines:, 1) “publish” your profile on Wakelet, 2) upload a file here to Turnitin with the full original writing/text included, and 3) send and email to professor with your username, title and Wakelet link in the body and your section number in the subject line (#23 or #33).

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