Seattle University Waste Management and Recycling Presentation

In this application project, we will address the challenges of working to change the behavior of others (something that occupies a majority of marketers’ efforts). To that end, This project is to apply behavior change research that will apply course concepts to Seattle University recycling challenge: The Recycling Manager at SU has requested this help to reduce the contamination of SU’s recyclables [SU’s recycling hauler audited the to-be-recycled materials in Winter 2019 and found them to be too contaminated to be permitted to be taken for recycling; but, landfilling potentially recyclable materials is a waste of resources and is costing SU real money.] After you search for recycling and SU’s recycling situation, then conduct research and apply course concepts to devise 3 potential interventions/ programs/ strategies that could work to bring about the desired change. Each strategy will be required to implement a different course concept or framework.

The ‘deliverables’ will be a paper and a competitive presentation describing your proposed strategies.

The project paper should be as long as it takes to describe the focus behavior and why it matters, all the background research findings, any primary research findings, and the proposed strategies, in detail, with the conceptual reasoning; usually the final papers are 12 – 19 pages long. Slides is whatever it takes to describe your reasoning and proposals; Materials about SU recycling can likely be found through the link below.…

Please propose some strategies to help the university reduce this recycling problem and somehow come up with an invention that would work out well with students. Let me know if you have any questions. Please be creative in this. Need the best quality you’ve got ever bro & thanks.

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