Selling Strategies, marketing homework help

Two parts, 1 page each.

Part one:

1- pinpoint selling strategies you believe are being used and what you can gather about the lifestyles and culture being portrayed. Also, comment on unethical elements, if you observe any from these ads (1 page) :

i). Nike: Just Do it!

Features the national Sahara (helper) cricket team playing cricket on bus & car tops in a traffic jam

ii). McDonald’s:

[Translation: First the girl asks the boy if they are “boyfriend-girlfriend.” The boy says no. Girl asks why? Boy says girls are too demanding and that they want this and that. The girls says that all she wasnts is a McDonalds Aloo Tiki sandwich. Boy smiles and gets girl the sandwich. Boy: “I’m lovin’ it.” “Sirf pachees Rs” = Only Rs25!”]


To get a feel for the Indian menu: check out]

ii). Coke

(adopts the beat of the hit song from the movie, Dhoom1 (i.e., Uproar 1): “Pick up a Coke, make an uproar/make some NOISE!”) and Coke sales went up:

iii). Pepsi World Cup Ad:

Part two:

2- Locate two ads (You-tube or print-based) of U.S. products or services marketed in China and/or Hong Kong. Provide the URLs and evaluate them. ( 1 page )

attachment can be useful with writing style.

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