terrorism and counterterrorism facilitated by use of the Internet, law assignment help

Explain each question and use a in-text citation and reference all work

1.A rarely discussed yet timely and relevant topic is that of terrorism and counterterrorism facilitated by use of the Internet. Explain some of the ways in which today’s terrorists (domestic and international) are using the Internet to communicate with and recruit others.

2.Explain how hacking, Trojans, and computer viruses are used as tools in the cyber terrorist’s arsenal of weaponry. Which do you feel is the most destructive and why?

3.In light of the tragic events of 9/11, air travel will likely never be the same. Physical security measures have improved and increased considerably to protect air travelers and to prevent a terrorist from boarding an airliner. 

As a supervisor with the TSA, how could you prevent a hacker from hacking into an air traffic control tower’s computer system and adding false information about the plane’s location, which could cause the plane to collide with another plane, a building, or the ground?

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