Terrorist Strategies and Techniques, law homework help

  • In a paper of 600–800 words, discuss each of the following: In text citations and 3 or more souces
    • What are 3 core cultural values and beliefs that you were raised with in your family? In your community? Describe and explain them in detail.
    • Identify the role models you had growing up. How and why were they meaningful to you, your family, and your community? What power did they have for you and for others?
    • In what ways were you taught to express major feelings in your home and in your community? Was there a difference between these two realities? For men? For women?
    • In what ways were you taught that expression of violence was acceptable or not acceptable, and under what conditions?
    • In what ways were you taught to regard religious belief, self-motivation, and your spiritual self? In what ways were you taught to view others’ religious beliefs, self-motivation, and spiritual selves?
    • Do you see any similarities to the ways that you were influenced as child or young adult compared to the way children and young adults are recruited by terrorist organizations? Explain why or why not.
  • All sources must be referenced using APA st
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