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Testing for Intelligence?

One lively debate, in the area of children’s cognitive development, has traditionally revolved around the question: What is the most effective way to measure children’s minds and abilities? With the focus this week on school-age children, this question assumes special relevance. As you know, most schools use standardized tests to measure children’s academic achievement. Yet, contemporary child development scientists, as well as many other professionals in the early childhood field, recognize that understanding the whole child requires a wider perspective. Research, in the area of multiple intelligences (including emotional intelligence), supports such a perspective. A search for these terms on the Internet, resulting in many thousands of links, demonstrates the current interest in these topics. And what about children in different parts of the world-how are they assessed? What, if anything, can early childhood professionals learn from different approaches to measuring the mind of children?

 Answer this questions:

  • Considering a commitment to viewing young children holistically (i.e., a commitment to “the whole child”), what, if anything, do you believe should be measured or assessed? Explain your reasoning.
  • In what ways are school-age children assessed in other parts of the world? ( Brazil  is your country of research )
  • What additional ideas, comments, suggestions, examples, and/or concerns related to assessing young children would you like to share with your colleagues?

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