The ‘Portfolio Assessment’ in Economics Principles is designed for students… 1 answer below »

The ‘Portfolio Assessment’ in Economics Principles is designed for students to collaboratively explore illustrative aspects or examples of the Unit Learning Objectives (ULOs). The ULOs are listed in the Unit Outline. It is anticipated an individual group member is primarily responsible for the exploration of material illustrative of one Unit Learning Objective (ULO) but that all group members will become familiar with, and assume ownership of, all elements of the Portfolio. After the formation of groups, a first step is for group members to decide which ULO it is that they wish to illustrate or explore. A second step is to determine which content aspects of the course relate to the ULO chosen, and then to choose which topic area(s) to focus on. The weekly aims stated on Canvas indicate how content topics relate to certain ULOs and this information may assist students in their topic selections. There are certain expectations to be met when writing the Portfolio. Layout should include a title page, delineated sections per ULO and a reference list. Material from microeconomics and macroeconomics should be included in the Portfolio. Chosen topics should clearly relate to the ULO and be written to a non-Economics literate audience. Students should avoid plagiarism. As well as showing understanding of basic concepts, authors are expected to demonstrate evidence of further analysis and exploration, such as by relating basic theory to previous or contemporary events. Use of diagrams, contemporary statistical data/forecasts are encouraged/expected. Students should explore wider secondary sources in addition to course materials and textbook. In the selection and exploration of topics, students should consult their teacher. The Portfolio assessment assumes group cooperation and coordination. Key Generic Skills to the Unit include Communication and Peoples Skills. Group work can pose interpersonal challenges and such occasions should be viewed opportunities to practice and develop assertion, conflict resolution and listening skills. In instances where interpersonal problems (e.g. social loafing) cannot be solved by group members, at the teacher’s discretion, individuals may be withdrawn and asked to complete all sections of the Portfolio.


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