The sale channel roadmap I need you to do only number 8,9 and i need 2 sources for each questions…

The sale channel roadmap

I need you to do only number 8,9  and i need 2 sources for each questions. from these two links that i provide.


6/ Reversal decisions: Did your team design low cost, rapid, but reliable tests of these hypotheses? Did your team conduct the tests in a reliable manner? For example, did you have solution presentation before some potential customer, including the workflow and value equation? What are their feedback? (Weight 10%)

l  Number of tests – should be adjusted for industry, product type (web vs physical product),and business type (B2B vs B2C)

l  Quality of tests – interviews are high quality, surveys & focus groups are much lower quality (you don’t know which questions to ask) unless interviews have been conducted first


7/What kind of data (metrics) will you collect to validate your hypotheses? (Weight 10%) For example, HubSpot

We use the following key business metrics to evaluate our business, measure our performance, identify trends affecting our business, formulate financial projections and make strategic decisions。

Total Customers. We believe that our ability to increase our customer base is an indicator of our market penetration and growth of our business as we continue to expand our sales force and invest in marketing efforts.


Average Subscription Revenue per Customer. We believe that our ability to increase the average subscription revenue per customer is an indicator of our ability to grow the long-term value of our existing customer relationships.


Subscription Dollar Retention Rate. We believe that our ability to retain and expand a customer relationship is an indicator of the stability of our revenue base and the long-term value of our customers.


Customer Acquisition Cost. We believe that customer acquisition cost, or CAC, is an indicator of the efficiency of our sales and marketing programs in acquiring new customers. We calculate CAC by dividing our total sales and marketing expenses during a particular period.


8/ What are your sale channel roadmap? Who will be your most important partner? How will you persuades him/her to join your business model? If you take a try, what is result and feedback? (Weight 10%).


9/ Did your team clearly state what they learned, how it validated an assumption or not, and under what situation, you will have business model changes/pivots? What is your plan B (Weight 10%)



10/What kind of people will you hire? Put the characteristics and experience which you are looking for? What kind of question will you ask in behavioral interview? What kind of new job title will you create for this business model? Who will be your advisor in the board? What did he said to your model when you invited him/her in?  (Weight extra 10%)










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Question 8

            The sale channel roadmap is to provide the potential customer with a unified and comprehensive database that has all the properties listed in it. The database is attached to the website which will be running online for any potential buyer. There is a map on the website that contained all details required by the renter including pictures. Other……………..


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