The truth project, Discussion Board Question help

1.  Watch the two video, and write a five sentences report on each one:

a.  The Truth Project:

Answer: (5 sentences)

b.  Wolrdview brief:

Answer: (5 sentences)

2.  Respond to two of   fellow students’ submissions, a few sentences each:

a.  Cedric Brown:

Chuck Colson video on worldview:

“In this video, Chuck Colson (of Prison Ministry fame) remarks that Christianity is not just a personal relationship with God or something that is confined to church activities. Colson acknowledges Christianity as an all-encompassing worldview which informs all of our assumptions and presuppositions in life. Christianity has provided the underlying framework for most of the values and customs of Western Civilization. However, one problem with this is that worldviews can often fade into the background of our thinking. Children are born knowing nothing; and if we do not teach them the foundations of our values and worldview, then our worldview is destined to stagnate and decline.”

b.  Christopher Rhodes:

Chuck Colson once again:

“There are a lot of interesting thoughts in this video. Perhaps one of the best is when he simply mentions the definition of truth, which is, “that which reflects or conforms to reality”. I can think of many mainstream beliefs that absolutely do not reflect reality. We seem to be living in an emotional age of “what feels right must be truth”, not what is right. Many so called “social justice” beliefs could fit in this box.”

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