TVM Accounting help ASAP!

Include keystrokes that are entered into the Financial Calculator (N=,I/Y=,PV=,PMT=,FV=)

1. a.  Balish  Corp bought a new machine on January 1, 2015 and agreed to pay for it in 5 equal installments of $40,000 on December 31st, 2015 and December 31 of each of the next 4 years.  Assuming that the prevailing rate of 8% applies to this contract, how much should Balish record as the cost of the machine? 

 b. Prepare the entry that Balish would make to record the purchase of the machinery if the company signed a note where interest was included in the face amount of the note.

2. Refer to question 1.  Answer each question again assuming that interest was not included in the face amount of the note.

a. Cost of the machine

b. Journal entry to record the purchase

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