University of California Racial Bias and Criminals Article Paper

Overall APA style

-Relate 4 scholarly journal based articles on racial bias and criminals. 1 scholarly journal article provided already.…

Introduction should include:

  • Opening statement/Paragraph: statistic or definition related to topic
  • Research Hypothesis: Participants with family members who are police officers will have a positive perception of police officers and governmental institutions as opposed to participants who don’t have family members who are police officers.
  • 1-2 paragraphs per article explaining how it relates to topic.
  • Synthesis of Research question and previous research
  • Discuss Limitations

Independent Variable: Family members and non-family members of Police Officers

Dependent Variable(s): Attitudes/ Beliefs of Police and Attitudes/ Beliefs of Governmental Institutions

  • An Experiment was conducted to investigate how people perceive situations involving the police. For the experiment participants read and answered seventeen questions that were related to perceptions of police. This experiment required about five minutes of your time.
  • In this study, we gave participants the Attitudes/beliefs of Police and Governmental Institutions Questionnaire which would portray not only their overall perceptions of police but for other government agencies as well. We expect that individuals whom have family in law enforcement will have an overall net-positive view of police officers. We also expect that participants who have familial relationships with police officers will rate governmental institutions more positively.

-Discussion should include:

RESULTS: findings were statistically significant which supported they hypothesis

-The idea of experiment


-purpose of this study


-previous research

were results consistent with other studies?

-why do you think you got these results?

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