University of Maryland Women Movement Timeline Paper

The Timeline Project maps to the following WMST 200 learning outcomes (course objectives):

  • describe women’s studies, how it developed, and how it relates to other academic areas as an interdisciplinary study in order to recognize the impact of gender in all academic disciplines
  • identify and explain definitions of feminism and feminist thought in order to analyze alternatives to current constructions of power and inequality
  • analyze gender as a social, historical, and cultural construction rather than as a natural biological fact in order to challenge stereotypes and to create alternatives to current constructions of power and inequality
  • identify differences among women and women’s multiple, intersecting identities in order to understand different women’s experiences across geography and history
  • apply knowledge of local and global issues and debates in women’s studies to effect positive change in women’s lives

Project Description

In this assignment, students will 1) create a timeline that covers at least eight major events of the women’s movement and 2) write a 5-page paper that explains how each of these events has contributed to the overall success of the women’s movement.

Step 1:

  1. Create a timeline that covers at least eight major events of the women’s movement. These events can be within a relatively short time frame (spanning just a few years), or a very long time frame (spanning a couple of centuries). It is entirely up to you!

You can find templates for timelines online, or you create your own timeline in Word (see… ). For each event you select, you should also include a footnote (with in-text citations) that explains more details about the event.

Step 2:

  1. 1. After creating the timeline, write a 5-page (and only 5 pages) paper that contains the following:
  • An introductory paragraph which explains the purpose of the paper
  • An explanation of each event’s importance to the women’s movement
  • An explanation of each event’s contribution to the overall success of the women’s movement
  • A discussion regarding how each of these events in your timeline are interrelated
    • For example, you may write about how one event led into the next, and so on, or you may write about how one very significant event led to the others. The way that you describe the interrelatedness of these events is up to you, but you must demonstrate that you understand how interconnected they are.
  • A concluding paragraph

Additional Information about your paper:

  • The assignment should be organized (and submitted) as follows:
    • Cover sheet (title page)
    • Paper
    • Timeline
    • Reference page
    • In-text citations must be used in the timeline and in the paper.
    • The paper requires a cover sheet (title page) and a reference page.
    • The total number of pages for the body of the paper should be 5 pages (not including the cover sheet, timeline and reference page). I will deduct 1 point for every page over this 5-page limit.
    • The paper should follow APA style. Please use the WMST 200 APA Style Guide that I’ve provided for you as this is the guide that I use to grade your papers.
    • The paper should be double-spaced
    • Paragraphs should be indented 5 spaces
    • The pages should be numbered.
    • Do not include an abstract.
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