University of Missouri Kansas City Human Geography in the News Research

Human Geography in the News Assignment

Purpose: To develop a current event resource about current issues and events in the news relating to human geography. The purpose of the assignment is to familiarize you with, and stimulate thought and discussion about many of the current topics in the news related to human geography.

Procedure: Research/find three articles on current events that may be related to topics outlined in the text (see modules selected for reading) and/or presented in class. Articles should not be from earlier than 2018-2019 (no more than a year-year and a half old). Bring your completed article pages to class on the assigned night and be prepared to share and discuss with the class. You will also turn in your article page for assessment.

Possible Sources: National Geographic, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, various news websites (NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC), The Economist, BBC News, etc.


1. Provide the title of the article.

2. Cite the source of the article using correct APA format.

3. For each article, read the article and then write a summary of the content.

4. In addition to the summary of the article, write a brief explanation of how the article/issue illustrates/connectsto one of the topic/themes in human geography.

5. Identify one or two topics for discussion or questions for further examination related to the article.

6. Use the following format:

Title of article:

Source citation: (APA format)


Connection to human geography topic/theme:

Possible topics for discussion or questions for further examination.

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