University of Utah Putting Inequality in Its Place Article Discussion

Complete two study critiques

Using what you have learned in this class, select two research studies from the options provided and compose a critique of each.

Important Assignment Details

  • Required word count: Between 700 and 900 words per critique (roughly 3-3.5 pages per critique)
  • Specific formatting required, please see formatting guidelines at the end of this packet
  • Cover Page section does not counttoward the word count requirements
  • Any form of plagiarism or cheating will be severely penalized
  • Please cite any work that is not your own.

Assistance Offered

  • Initial consultation on your project
  • Review of a draft (must be provided to me by 7/14/2019)

Studies to choose from (all available via the online library search):

Iyengar, Shanto, Mark D. Peters, and Donald R. Kinder, et al. “Experimental Demonstrations of the ‘Not So Minimal’ Consequences of Television News,” American Political Science Review, 76 (December, 1982), 848-58.

Walsh, Katherine Cramer. “Putting Inequality in Its Place: Rural Consciousness and the

Power of Perspective,” American Political Science Review. 106 (July 2012), 517-532.

Bateman, Regina. “Crime Victimization and Political Participation,” American Political

Science Review 106 (August 2012), 570-87.

Winter, David G., and Brooke E. Sweet. “Measuring Implicit British Perceptions of

German Intentions in 1938-1939.” Political Psychology, 30 (December, 2009), 839-62.

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