Using Visuals questions communications homework help

Pick one of the types of information below and discuss which form of visual would you use? Explain your decision.
  • Record of annual sales for Kenyon Company for the past 20 years.
  • Comparison of Kenyon Company sales, by product, for this year and last year.
  • Monthly production of the automobile industry in units.

Question 2:

Using Visuals

 Discussing how visuals can enhance the communication process. Can they inhibit the message being conveyed? If so, how?

Need response:

1.I would like use pie chart which is a typical visual form for comparison to show the differences in sale of Kenyon Co. this year and last year. Pie chart is present the percentage of sale that company made. If I choose different chart as bar with specific number which I think it’s going to make a confusion for whoever look at the chart. Further more, it won’t be just one chart but it will have two chart representing for two years. That is hard to recognize. To avoid that problem, pie chart just shows  the percentage of sale for each product. With variety of colors and a few numbers are shown, it’s easy for people to understand and analyze the situation. 


In showing a record of annual sales for the Kenyon Company over the past 20 years, I would a line chart to visually display the data. As our textbook states, line charts are useful for showing changes over a period of time (Rentz & Lentz, 2016). So, a line chart would easily and clearly show the annual sales of 1996-2016 with no confusion or clutter. The line chart would make it clear to see what year was the worst in sales and what year was the best in sales. A line chart would be so easy to read in this situation that it could easily answer any other questions pertaining to sales over that course of time. When it comes to changes of sales totals over a course of time, line charts are visually the best option

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