What is the president S relationship with Congress by Being granted the Power to make appointments law questions help

1) What is the president’s relationship with Congress by being granted the power to make appointments?

a) The president is granted the power to make appointment to assure checks on the president’s power.

b) The president is enforcing the laws that Congress makes.

c) The president does not need Congress authorization to make appointments.

d)None of the above

Which of the following presidential powers does not require the cooperation of the US Senate?

a) impeachment

b) veto power

c) executive order

d) both b and c

What is one demonstration of the checking of power between the president and Congress?

a) The president declaring war.

b) Both c and d

c) President vetoing a legislation and Congress overriding it.

d) President making an appointment and Congress approving it.

4) Which incident sparked the War Powers Act?

a) President Johnson deploying troops overseas in the Vietnam War.

b) Past president appointing incompetent military personnel.

c) The Persian Gulf War.

d) When President Bush declared war in the early 2000s.

5) Over the course of US history, when a president has vetoed legislation, Congress has easily been able to override most of them.

a) True

b) False

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