Women s Labor Essay Assignment help

  1. Women during the 17th century were generally expected to work – and work will be a consistent element of the everyday lives of both men and women in this time period. What will differ is what kinds of labor women were expected to do – in Eastern Woodland tribes (and actually in Western Africa as well) women were the primary agriculturalists, in European society though men worked as agriculturists. Because few written documents by women exist from this period, we’re going to examine historical objects to help us understand the lives of women in the past.

    View the video and read the documents below about colonial material culture, then write a 400-600 word essay comparing modern material culture to colonial objects.

  2. URL: https://youtu.be/UoDq7bXWaZE
  3. Read and review Material Culture and Women’s Work.
  4. Now find a tool that you use in your work (if you’re not currently working, consider a tool you use at home or that a woman who is close to you uses).
  5. Provide an image of that tool at the beginning of your essay
  6. Write an essay in which you: 
    1. Interpret (explain) what the tool you supplied tells us about women and labor in our society today.
    2. Compare your modern tool to those included in the video and textbook. Are there similarities? What are the differences?

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