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Topic 5 is    Communicating across cultures Target  Audience: Opal-Mart store staff (culturally diverse group, predominantly Australian,  Indian, and Chinese) Brief: Develop a proposal for the training of Opal-Mart store staff in intercultural communication skills. The aim of this training is to improve staff communication, reduce cross-cultural misunderstandings, and, as a result, increase team cohesion and productivity.1.Background, scope, and purposeð What is the rationale for conducting a communication training? (What strategic and/oroperational issue(s) do you propose to address?)ð What is the scope of the training? (What target audiences and/or areas of the organisation willbe involved?)ð What is the purpose of the communication training? (What aims will the communication traininghave?)2• Training Plan (Value Proposition)ð This is the core of your proposal. The aim of this section is to illustrate to your (potential future)clients what the communication training will look like and what outcomes it is proposed toachieve. This involves:(1) Explaining the training ‘philosophy’ of your company (how will you help your clients learn?)(2) Offering an overview of the contents, timeframe, and delivery mode(3) Highlighting the specific benefits your proposed training will have for the respective targetaudience and the company as a whole.Claim:1. Intercultural communication competence2.  Overview of content, time frame, and delivery mode of training sessions3.  Timing and learning ways4.  Edit 3 modules that need training

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