Write an essay on targeting Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) with tyrosine kinase inhibitors or TKIs to treat Patients with Lung cancer and the role of mutations developing resistance and sensitization

each paragraph contain 300 words at leastinclude 8-10 reference with Citing those in essay (be sure all references are in text writing cited )Include Tables and Figures from Literature ( needed  3-4) with title  belowplagiarism must be 0%here the  the topic of paragraph  u must be write about it and each one separate from others :1-About EGFR and signaling with scheme of EGFR Signaling2-Write the EGFR mutation testing methods (Capillary or NGS)3-Few company names ex., LabCorp, MAYO clinic etc.,4-Show a scheme or histogram about mutations in Lung cancer5-Write about mutation appears after the inhibitor therapy that is resistance mutations6-Write about mutation present in EGFR codon 18-21 that kill cancer with inhibitor therapy that is sensitization mutationsthe file i upload use it  for answers all this and short your time 🙂

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