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Assignment description You are a Network Engineer with a computer systems integration company named ABC I.T. You have been tasked with designing a new network implementation for ABC IT Institute that has recently leased a building in Melbourne CBD with the aim of offering IT related courses to its currently enrolled 400 students. The building will house some offices, classrooms, library, and computer labs. The Four-story building has six computer labs and each of these labs will have 25 computers having internet connectivity. Each lab will also have a server in the closet located inside the lab. IP phones are located in each lab to communicate to service desk. The IT Institute also wants to setup six classrooms, each containing one computer which requires internet connectivity, one whiteboard, one display monitor and an IP phone. The library will have 10 computers to allow students access to the library resources. Another 15 computers will be made available for staff and administration. Finally, wifi internet connectivity should be made available to students and staff inside campus premises with appropriate authentication/authorization methods and standards. Your task is to come up with a logical, efficient and scalable network design that will be suitable for this institute to allow staff, students and administration use this network effectively and securely. The institute has allowed an adequate budget to purchase any networking devices that may be required for addressing the network security, yet obviously does not want to spend more than necessary. In addition, industry-specific standards must be used and apply to IT infrastructure and services

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