Computer Information Systems


Read the scenario below and create the documents as requested in the directions. Your documents should reflect your comprehensive understanding of the course objectives and your skills and ability to effectively use each of the Microsoft Office programs. All three parts of the Microsoft Project will need to be submitted in a compressed, or “zipped,” file. More information about this is provided below. Our team will review both your exam score and the Microsoft Project, and then discuss the outcome of the test with you. It will be a team decision as to whether or not you qualify to test out of this course. Good luck!


You work for “Travel Your Way” as a travel consultant. Your job is to create and sell vacation packages to potential travelers. As an employee of “Travel Your Way,” you have been assigned the task of holding a seminar for the travel package you have designed. You will set up a place and time to hold a seminar where people interested in your customized travel package can come to view a PowerPoint presentation and find out more information about this trip.


You will produce a Word flyer to advertise your seminar, a PowerPoint presentation that will be given at the seminar to promote the package, and Excel spreadsheet to document those who have signed up for the vacation and their payment data. Please review the specific criteria for each part below.
Basic Research

Before you can start the Microsoft Project, you need to gather some information. Please determine a vacation destination. Then perform basic research online to gather information about that vacation destination. You might collect information about an exciting restaurant, a beautiful hotel, and/or interesting tourist attractions. You do not have to consider price, as a standard package price of $3,200 per person will be advertised.

Word Flyer

The first document you will create in the Microsoft Project is a Word flyer that promotes the travel package seminar. Make sure that your flyer includes a date, time(s), and a “teaser” to help boost attendance for the seminar. The flyer should only be one page long, and must include the following:

  • At least one clip art piece or picture
  • Change in alignment
  • Use of two fonts
  • 16 pt sized text or larger
  • Colored text
  • A page border
  • Bullets (any style)

Don’t forget to include on the flyer your name and address as the contact person for the Travel Your Way agency. Proofread your document. Save your flyer as follows: Name_TravelFlyer_Date.docx

PowerPoint Presentation

The “seminar day,” in which you will present information about your travel package, is approaching. Now that you have potential clients and all the necessary information on your travel package, it’s time to design your seminar presentation. You will want to create a presentation that is both visually appealing as well as informational.

Create a PowerPoint presentation for your travel package that contains at least the following:

  • 4-6 slides
  • Introductory slide – Title slide layout that displays the travel location, company name, and your name
  • Closing Slide – Your contact information
  • Using the information you researched, describe the travel package – places to see, stay, eat, etc.
  • Also include:
    • Theme of your choice
    • 2 clip art pieces or pictures
    • Slide transitions on all slides
    • 1 WordArt object
  • Don’t forget to proofread your slides!

Save your flyer as follows: Name_TravelPresentation_Date.pptx

Excel Spreadsheet

After your seminar, six travelers signed up! You will track your customers’ payment data in an Excel spreadsheet. Please use Excel to perform the following tasks:

  1. On Sheet 1, Row 1, create a worksheet title with the name of your vacation destination.
  2. In Row 2 of Sheet 1, create a second worksheet title with the date of the vacation; choose a week in March of the current year.
  3. Enter the data from the table below, starting in Row 4 of Sheet1. (Widen columns as needed.)

Note: The borders shown are for illustration only – you do not need to add borders to your worksheet at this time.

Contact Name Number of Travelers Insurance Cost Subtotal Down Payment Amount Due
M Brown





S Hastings





T Franklin





L Chin





R Lee





D Johnson







  1. Format the two title rows using a larger font, bold, and a font color.
  2. Merge and center each title (Rows 1-2) over Columns A-F.
  3. Bold and center the column headings in Row 4.
  4. Create a formula in the Subtotal column for the first customer that will multiply the number of travelers by $3,200 and add the Insurance Cost. Use the fill handle to copy the formula down the Subtotal column for all customers.
  5. Create a formula in the Amount Due column that will calculate the
    Subtotal – Down Payment. Copy the formula down the Amount Due column for all customers.
  6. In row 12 (the totals row), use the AutoSum function to calculate the totals for all numeric columns. Use the fill handle to copy the formula to the right.
  7. Click in Cell B13 (under Number of Travelers, in “average” row) and use the AVERAGE function to calculate the average number of travelers. DO NOT include Row 12 (totals row) in your average formula! Use the fill handle to copy the average formula to the right for the remaining columns.
  8. Format all numeric values (B5:F15) to Comma style with 0 decimal places.
  9. Using the range A4:A10 and F4:F10, create a 3-D bar chart. (Use the Ctrl key to select only those two columns.)
  10. Move the chart so that the upper left corner displays in Cell A16. Resize the chart so that the lower right corner is in Cell F30. Add a chart title of your choice.
  11. Save your spreadsheet as follows: Name_TravelSpreadsheet_Date.xlsx

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