HGMT372 UMUC Cash and Accrual Accounting & HIPAA Training Questions

Theme 1:

  • Discuss the key differences between cash and accrual accounting? Explain why most health entities use accrual accounting.

Theme 2:

When a market is perfectly competitive what does this imply about the supply curve and the price charged for a particular good?

Theme 3:

HIPAA training:

Go to http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/training/ All students are required to take the following Medscape training programs which are free (but require registration). These videos and training programs cover all aspects of privacy and security.

  • Patient Privacy: A Guide for Providers
  • HIPAA and You: Building a Culture of Compliance
  • Examining Compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule

You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge of HIPAA throughout the course and in your role at a health services manager. After completing each module, respond in this Discussion to one of the bullet points for each of the three training assignments as outlined below. Comment on at least one classmate’s posting.

Provide a description of what you learned on Patient Privacy: A Guide for Providers:

  • -Access to Medical Services
  • -Amendment
  • – Rights and Restrictions

Provide a description of what you learned on HIPAA and You: Building a Culture of Compliance:

  • – HIPAA Security Standards
  • – Policies and Procedures
  • – Monitoring and Reporting

Provide a description of what you learned in: Examining Compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule:

  • -What businesses are covered under the HIPAA Privacy Rule?
  • – What health information is protected under the HIPAA Privacy Rule?


Describe the role of the FDA in protecting the safety of Americans


There are health care policies in the U.S. to protect patients from faulty, dangerous or

unnecessary medicines, medical procedures, and services. Give an example of one of these

policies. Provide specific examples on how the policy you selected protects patients. Describe

ways healthcare managers support the implementation of this law.

Theme 4:

Patients have a bill of rights. Patients also consent to care and have a right to self-determine their care. Those who care for patients are to keep information protected.

Select one of the patient rights (ethical or legal issues) from readings this week. Discuss with your colleagues the right, the legal and/or ethical basis for this right and how this translates into responsibility for a specific health service organization setting. Provide two specific real life legal case examples that you find on the internet or in the print media. Examples: assisted living facilities for disabled, long term care facility, a home care nursing association, a small physician practice, a hospital, a rehabilitation center, or a first responder/ambulance. Remember:

1. The patient right (with proper legal citation);

2. The health care organization’s responsibility.

Peer comments should compare and contrast the impact of the patient rights on each setting. Read the background articles. This discussion requires research beyond the above articles. See Discussion Expectations and Grading for rules on discussions.

Assigned reading materials:

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