Lonestar College Humanity in the Middle Ages Discussion

Prompt #1: Why is the period after the fall of Rome called the Dark Ages (list specific reasons/characteristics of the era)? What did people do to mitigate the chaos of this time (provide at least two examples, and explain their relevance)? Do you think the systems/strategies were helping society or holding it back (explain your answer)? Do we have any similar strategies today (what are they/ what are they meant to mitigate)?

  • must be a minimum of 250 words (feel free to write more if you’d like to)
  • must fully, thoughtfully and critically respond to what we’ve studied
    • those responses that rely too heavily on summary will lose points (I’ve read the text; now I want to know what you think about it)
  • must not plagiarize (if you’re borrowing ideas/info from our textbook, be sure to credit the textbook)
  • must be proofread (submissions may lose points if there are excessive/distracting grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors)
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