MHRM6645 Walden University Wk 1 Building Organizational Capacity Presentation

I have included all of the weekly assignments for the culmination PowerPoint. I am also attaching the PowerPoint template that must be used for this assignment.

Synthesizing and sharing information in a cohesive, scholarly, and professional manner is a valuable task for virtually any topic or process in just about any profession. The process of succession planning in the human resources (HR) profession is no different. HR professionals are often responsible for making compelling cases for sensitive or highly charged issues such as organizational changes and recommendations. Knowing how to synthesize and disseminate a complex issue into an accessible format for others is a critical skill set. Moreover, the successful HR professional will be the one who can do so in a persuasive and positive manner that creates an appropriate sense of urgency and shared purpose.

To complete your final Assignment, assemble your Course Project information into the Culminating PowerPoint Template found in this week’s Learning Resources. When presenting information, be sure your slides use PowerPoint best practices such as

  • Using bullets to present information
  • Retaining the font style throughout
  • Assuring that the colors used in the slide do not clash
  • Only using graphics that contribute to the information presented
  • Using the presenter “notes” section to provide more information on the key topics presented in the slide

To assist you in deciding which information from your Course Project is most salient to present, questions and prompts are included in the notes section of the Culminating PowerPoint Template. These prompts are designed to assist you in focusing and organizing your information, and align with your weekly Assignments throughout this course. As you determine what information you will include on each slide, change these guiding questions into your own notes’ content to be specific to your presentation. Conclude the Course Project organization’s succession planning portion of your presentation with recommendations for your selected organization.

Finally, be sure you answer the final thoughts “takeaway” question at the end of your Culminating PowerPoint Template presentation.

  • State one important takeaway you learned from the process of succession planning.
  • State one important takeaway you learned from the organization that you examined for your Course Project.
  • Evaluate the components of the Course Project exercise.
  • Explain whether you feel this Course Project would be applicable in the real world for you.
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