Need management homework help with some of the reasons managers do not deal well with ‘bad apples’

     Every organization has at least one bad apple: the guy or gal who brings everyone down by spending most of the day complaining. New research shows that these folks aren’t just annoying; they indeed can spoil the entire corporate culture. And managers who don’t make dealing with bad apples a top priority do so at their peril.

    Studies show that in the presence of bad apples people aren’t as willing to handle problems that arise, don’t communicate with one another, and generally stop functioning as a team–not a great recipe for high performance and productivity.

     Unfortunately, many managers don’t even know how to begin dealing with these problematic employees. And although bad apples usually comprise only a small percentage of an organization, managers have to spend an inordinate amount of their time and effort on them.  

 What are  some of the reasons managers do not deal well with ‘bad apples’? 

Looking for an answer in about 125 or so words please

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