No plagiarism, must be original follow guidelines below, must be cited APA format/ use resources below only from article

InstructionsReading scientific literature is important in professional development for anyone in the medical field. However, reading research articles and scientific articles can be challenging. This activity will reinforce your understanding of microbiology, as well as teach you how to read, comprehend, and apply concepts useful for microbiology.ActivityRead the following articles:”The Hospital Environment and Its Microbial Burden: Challenges and Solutions (Links to an external site.)”Citation: Chirca, I. (2019). The hospital environment and its microbial burden: Challenges and solutions. Future Microbiology, 14(12), 1007–1010.″The Role of Environmental Cleaning in the Control of Hospital-Acquired Infection (Links to an external site.)”Citation: Dancer, S. J. (2010, May 17). The role of environmental cleaning in the control of hospital-acquired infection. The Journal of Hospital Infection, 73(4), 378–385. the following questions in 1–2 double-spaced pages following APA (7th ed.) format.What concerns are addressed in these articles and what are the possible solutions to these problems?Identify one additional solution to any of the problems presented in these articles. Be sure to cite at least one resource to support your solution.How can this information impact your career as a nurse or healthcare worker?

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