Reason Behind The Name Of Chicago Cubs Stuck As “Cubs”

What is the reason for calling Chicago cubs “cubs”? What is the history behind it?During the turn of the time (18 to 1900), teams did not have official nicknames this lead to the newspapers changing what they called teams every few years. Since the Chicago baseball club had an unusual number of very young athletes, this leads to them being called the “orphans” for a few years. Chicago had a huge orphan dilemma at the moment so people didn’t bother for the nickname, so the newspapers began calling them the “cubs”(baby bears).The Cubs organization started out life as the Chicago White Stockings (a name that was later appropriated by the cross-town rival Chicago White Sox) and changed its name to the Chicago Colts in 1890 because of the relative youthfulness of the team. When the owner refused to renew the contract of the team manager,Cap Anson, in 1898, the club became known as the ‘Orphans’ and remained so for three years.Orphans is a pretty odd name for a team, a new nickname was sure to emerge before too long – and after the dismal season of 1901, the club began a rebuilding project, using rookies and other young players. Check out the most amazing collection ofChicago cubs hatsandChicago cubs shirts.A few years later the National league picked teams that required to have official nicknames as some towns were preparing 2 or 3 teams( earlier each team was called [city name] baseball club) so the “Chicago baseball club” officially stuck with “Chicago Cubs “.

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