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Your paper should be no fewer than 1100-1500 words. Use at least three credible sources (no internet unless it is an online journal). Your textbook is an additional text. You should have three other sources that provide you with insights on your topic. PLEASE write the question you chose at the top of your first page before you start writing your research paper.  Please remember that  this is NOT a REPORT. This is still an analysis of your thinking. You still need to develop a thesis (argument, stance, something you are trying to convince the reader), establish points that will defend or explain what you are saying, and summarize your thoughts and findings. You will not want to just TELL what you found in your research. This paper is still MOSTLY your thoughts. You will just use some of your findings to back up what you have determined on your own. Don’t forget to cite in the paper as well as on the Works Cited page. 

Read the short story “The Story of an Hour” (p. 260 or 179) and research to find out Kate Chopin’s background and life experiences. How are these evident or displayed in the piece you read? Researching the lives of women at this time period, what do you think Chopin might have been trying to say to the reader? Use examples from the story to explain your thoughts and ideas.

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