To work with an organization which would offer me a healthy work culture…

AKSHAY PAUNIKAR To work with an organization which would offer me a healthy work culture, a scope to enhance my knowledge and skills and provide me an opportunity to serve the company. I will be keen to contribute to the growth of the company and learn something from it. University: University of Mumbai Branch: Automobile Institute: Pillai College of Engineering (PCE) ? BE Project: Processing and Failure of Automotive Fasteners. A Study of Microstructure, Composition and Mechanical Properties were undertaken on Fasteners and changes were implemented in industry. ? Testing, Improvement and Application of Composites – Ongoing This project includes testing of different composites in different environment, improving its sustainability and mechanical properties and finding out different applications. ? FEA Analysis of Knuckle Joint This is a simple project in which the joint used was a Knuckle Joint which was made in Solid works and was imported on Ansys Workbench and subject to tensile load on one end and the pin was fixed. Examination Institute University/Board Year of Passing Grade/ Percentage (%) Fourth Year PCE, New Panvel University of Mumbai 2016 7.20 Third Year PCE, New Panvel University of Mumbai 2015 5.96 Second Year PCE, New Panvel University of Mumbai 2014 6.84 First Year PCE, New Panvel University of Mumbai 2013 8.09 H.S.C St. Joseph’s High School and Junior College, Kalamboli Maharashtra Board 2012 79.83 S.S.C St. Joseph’s High School, New Panvel Maharashtra Board 2010 82..91 Email: Contact no. : 8655550036 Career Objective: Educational Qualification: Projects undertaken: ? Modelling and Analysis of SUV chassis. This is a project in which a Chassis of Chevy Blazer 4WD 1984 was modelled in Solid works and imported on ANSYS software. Boundary conditions were applied and analysis was carried out. ? Identified defects in Bolts and helped company in improving its quality. ? Photograph I clicked was published as Cover Photo in UK based Publication. ? Founded an association named Navi Mumbai Photographers Club. ? Worked for a Month as an intern in Bharat Benz, Panvel (15-June15 to 15-July15) ? Attended a One Day National Workshop on “FAILURE OF FASTENERS” conducted by SFA, in PIIT which was held on 22 August 2015. ? Organized and attended a Two Day National Workshop on “COMPOSITES: Fracture Toughness, NDE and Failure Analysis” conducted by SFA, in PIIT which was held on 22-23 July 2016. ? Attended a one-week training program on “AUTOCAD 2D” conducted in PIIT (Dec-15). ? Attended a Workshop on SOLAR CLAN conducted by IIT-B, held in PIIT on 10 March 2014. ? Worked as an English-Marathi Translator for Philippines based Company. ? CAD/CAM ? IC Engines ? Automotive Systems ? Computer Skills: – SolidWorks, ANSYS Workbench, AutoCAD, MS Office. ? Photography Name : – Akshay C Paunikar Date of Birth : – 14th Apr 1995 Gender : – Male Nationality : – Indian Languages Known : – English, Hindi, Marathi Address : – Gurukripa, B-6/30, Sector-5, Khanda Colony, New Panvel (W) 410206. Hobbies: Personal Details: Achievements: Subjects of Interest: Technical Skills: Co-Curricular Activities: I hereby declare that all the above details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. AKSHAY PAUNIKAR Declaration:


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