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I have found all of this information (attached as a word document) in a website, and I would like the expert to provide me a 1-2 page write-up about all of these facts. PLEASE, DO NOT COPY THE SENTENCES. PARAPHRASE THEM! Please, feel free to add new sentences to it! This is not an essay, so it doesn’t have to have an introduction, body and conclusion. It just has to provide all of the sentences but in YOUR OWN WORDS in paragraphs instead of bullets.

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Colorado has 139 licensed craft breweries (85 brewpubs, 54 manufacturer breweries) with another seventy-five breweries in planning. Colorado craft beer represents no more than 4.6% of beer brewed in Colorado; yet of the approximately 6,600 brewery-related jobs in Colorado, roughly 4,200, or sixty-four percent (64%), involve craft beer The Front Range is the largest craft brewing market in the U.S. with seventy-four breweries in operation Colorado is second with the most number of breweries by state in 2012 Colorado ranks third in breweries per capita by state Colorado craft breweries in the aggregate employ approximately 5,800 Coloradans In 2011, Colorado craft brewers donated an estimated $1.2 million of value to non-profits Economic impact of the entire Colorado beer industry on the state economy is an estimated $18.5 billion Over ten percent of Colorado craft brewers export their beer internationally Beer is taxed uniquely. Unlike other consumer packaged goods, there is both a special state and federal excise beer tax. The federal excise tax on beer was collected to help fund the Civil War. The Civil War ended in 1865, but the federal beer excise tax was never repealed In 2011, all Colorado brewers paid approximately $100 million in federal, state, and local taxes Colorado has the highest percentage (20%) of draft beer consumed in the U.S The local Colorado market is the largest market for Colorado craft brewers Colorado, home to the aluminum beer can, fostered the move of craft beer into the can, an innovative package for craft beer. New styles of cans are being manufactured in Colorado Colorado is home to approximately twenty hop farms growing hops for local brewers across the state Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), celebrating its thirty-first year in 2012 Colorado brewers were awarded forty-five medals in the 2011 GABF, 37% of which were gold medals Colorado brewers were awarded 27 medals in the 2012 World Beer Cup, the largest…


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